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The municipality of Skanderborg wants to meet young people on their home ground

Skanderborg municipality has chosen to strengthen their use of social media as a contemporary form of outreach work where you reach the municipality’s young people to a far greater extent, both due to the effectiveness of the media, and also because young people are met on their own home ground. The latter is the main reason why the municipality of Skanderborg has entered into a collaboration with CfDP on creating an anonymous, digital counselling. SSP coordinator (interdisciplinary collaboration between schools, social authorities, and police, ed.) in Skanderborg municipality, Kristian Kilt, hopes to reach more young people by offering them more choices of counselling.
“For young people, it’s all about being able to choose their preferred tool or platform,” says SSP-coordinator Kristian Kilt.
Today, young people are offered counselling by phone, Messenger, or by physical attendance, however, an opportunity of a 100% anonymous chat is not yet available. So, the idea has been to add another tool to DMK’s toolbox by offering young people anonymous chat counselling through Cyberhus.

CfDP and Skanderborg both win

This past year, Cyberhus has had 4,771 visitors from the municipality of Skanderborg, 70,2% being girls. This also constitutes a good reason for forming a collaboration because Skanderborg is especially challenged when it comes to reaching vulnerable girls.
“Some of the material we see from Cyberhus, and some of the statistics that have been the basis of our application, indicate that particularly these girls use digital chat-tools when they seek counselling,” SSP-coordinator Kristian Kilt explains.
According to Kristian Kilt, the municipality of Skanderborg has greatly enjoyed being able to lean on a socio-economic organisation and a piece of successful volunteering (Cyberhus), which they would like strengthen further. Herby, they hope that their collaboration with CfDP will be a success for both parties, where CfDP, in addition to developing on its own collaborative methods, is also able to provide Skanderborg access to a large number of young people, especially girls who have a hard time. Meanwhile, the municipality of Skanderborg can help Cyberhus concretise its counselling and carry young people onwards through the system from the voluntary anonymous chat of Cyberhus. The municipality of Skanderborg is optimistic about their chat counselling on a digital platform, while being excited to see the scale of young people they will be able to reach. Later in the process, the municipality will evaluate their experiences and communicate them to other municipalities throughout Denmark through a methodological handbook in collaboration with CfDP. Read more about our municipal collaborations. This project is supported by:
Suppprted by the Velux Foundation

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