Safer Internet Forum will take place on 18 and 19 October 2012 in Brussels and CfDP wants to be a part of it when the scene sets for the conference with the theme “Creating a Better Internet for Children and Young People”. Since the beginning in 2004, a conference is held each year dealing with safer internet issues. There will be a wide range of professionals participating in the event coming from different countries both outside and inside of Europe.

Kristian Lund from the Centre for Digital Youth Care is experienced in working with digital pedagogy and he will take part in a panel discussion under the title “What services for A Better Internet”. Among other things he will touch upon matters such as the need for professional adults to rethink their way of meeting and working with children and young people, how to improve digital skills and competencies of youths and how to involve children and teens in digital questions and dilemmas through dialogue.

The agenda of the conference can be found here – and it looks like we can look forward to two motivating and educational days in Brussels with many interesting presentations.

Direct link to the registration form

Written by Merete Pilegaard Rasmussen, voluntary communication employee.


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