Children and youth co-create online culture

Jonas Ravn of CfDP is one of the book’s seven contributors (the other six contributors include: Søren Hebsgaard, Johannes Andersen, Camilla Mehlsen, Anne Mette Thorhauge, Louise Ørum Skytt, Linda Sendrup and Christine Lehn-Schiøler).
Jonas Ravn explores, with his section, digital education through a perspective of well-being. For example, how might children and young people build an ethical filter and put it to use when interacting on the internet? How do they acquire digital skills such as understanding the influence of social media, and how do they learn to act on such understanding? It is also highlighted how children and young people should learn to become aware of their role as co-creators of culture on social media, and that their internet behaviour might be either positive (supportive) or negative (bullying).

General information about the anthology

“Children and young people seek identity, recognition, friendships, and community during their childhood. That’s nothing new. The new thing is the fact that the conditions have changed fundamentally with the internet and social media.”

This is how Lisbeth Brunebjerg Holmegaard and Claus Hjort of the Media Council explain the need for more focus on digital education among children and young people. It is necessary that they gain a sufficient understanding of digital technologies so that they grow into adulthood to become responsible, critical citizens of society. So, the seven authors of the anthology each submit their different perspectives on young people’s digital lives. However, they all agree that it is a task for both parents and professionals to intervene early in young people’s lives and help them by guiding and supporting them in the process of digital education. The role of the adult as well as inspiration for the practical work at hand are described in the book which is available here (Danish publication).


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