Experts, teachers, and youth from a number of different countries have come together at ENABLE 2 ACT to showcase and discuss the 2-year long work of ENABLE, and explore new ideas and initiatives to help prevent bullying and create better social interactions.

Along with a number of other countries, Denmark (CfDP) has been an active (and founding) member of ENABLE during these past two years, seeking to foster young people’s well-being in their social interactions, both on and offline, by

  • developing young people’s social and emotional skills
  • establishing peer support
  • applying a holistic approach engaging parents, teachers, young people, and the community at large

Press release

Below you will find an excerpt from the press release of the ENABLE 2 ACT conference, or you can also download the full press release.

Zagreb, Croatia; September 20, 2016 – Social and emotional skill development is showing far reaching results in the combat against bullying. Assessment results of the 2-year ENABLE project show that pupils having taken part in the ENABLE Social and Emotional Learning course are more likely to report aggressive behaviour, and that teachers have a deeper understanding of bullying and are better able to handle such incidents in class. Pupils show an increased value for self-control, understanding and differentiating their own emotions and those of others (empathy), and problem-solving. Teachers report a more friendly school climate in general, with more amicable peer relations and solidarity amongst students. These and other findings will be discussed in Zagreb this week, at the final conference of this EU funded project. Discussions will nevertheless be firmly focused on the future, with a number of countries including Hungary, Portugal, Italy and Cyprus also expressing interest in integrating ENABLE resources in their own schools.

Should you have any questions about ENABLE, please contact Niels-Kristian Bilenberg.

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