Jonas Ravn, speaker and project manager, CfDP Centre for Digital Youth Care has been a contributor of Danish insight and experiences from our own counselling, and several years of educating pupils, parents, and professionals. As national Helpline it has also been our task to inform other European Helplines about the tools of ENABLE. Are you interested in promoting well-being at schools and leisure environments? Then you may want to read more about some of ENABLE’s insights below.

New release

A few weeks ago, a collective “book” about ENABLE’s structure, and how you as a professional can get started using the many resources, was released. The book contains information about social and emotional learning as a method, and how you may initiate a pupils’ network at school, and how you generally apply modules and material from ENABLE. The book is available online:  
  ENABLE has also supplied a complete updated list of knowledge and programmes in Europe. At you will find a complete overview of the prevelances and initiatives in various countries of Europe, along with a visual summary of key trends.

Cyberhus as Helpline

The European helplines is a network of institutions of knowledge and counselling that share experiences in a variety of areas. As described in this article, one of the main causes of inquiries to European helplines is bullying. Therefore, this subject is also of great professional relevance. It is our view that a lot of countries lack useful programmes which are holistic in their approach to well-being and bullying. Therefore, the material of ENABLE has also been well received in many countries already. Denmark has got committed ambassadors from SSP (crime prevention cooperation between Social Services, School and Police in relation to children and adolescents under 18 years of age) and AKT (Behaviour, Contact and Welfare) in the cities of Randers and Middelfart. Together, we have agreed to focus on the “peer support” programme – ie establishing a pupils’ network used to effectively strengthen pupils’ well-being in the classroom. We also use our own counselling, Cyberhus, to focus on well-being outside of the school (at Cyberhus, we often meet children outside of their school environment). A few weeks back, we took part of a webinar which included 15 European helplines, during which we talked about ENABLE’s many possibilities, and how we have chosen to use some of ENABLE’s available resources. In this respect, we have produced a short animation that serves as an introduction to our teaching of European helplines. Please feel free to take a look at the animation below:  
If you are interested in ENABLE or have any questions about the material, please contact: Jonas Ravn, or Niels-Christian,]]>

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