Throughout 2018 and 2019, Center for Digital Youth Care has been gathering and analyzing data and conducting observations into misogynist, anti-gender equality environments and platforms online. 

The digital and pedagogical analysis of the observations is presented in the magazine ‘Angry Young Men’. Here, both the social, pedagogical, and psychological components of young men engaging in right-wing or anti-women communities online are analyzed.

The magazine has now been translated to English and can be read and used free of charge for anyone interested.

A closer look at the alt-right and incel-movements

The magazine specifically looks at the alt-right and incel-movements, but can also be used to gain an understanding of general right-wing and manosphere-communities. Both “sub-cultures” have been chosen as representatives in the magazine, as they have been at the forefront of the last years’ media focus. 

The current political climate in Europe has largely contributed to the rise of the alt-right as a reactionary and conservative ethno-protectionist and culture-protectionist movement. And as egalitarian movements for women, like MeToo, and minorities, like BlackLivesMatter, rose, the rise of men-first movements focusing on sexual frustration and ethnic essentialism was spurred on – nowhere as aggressively as in the incel-movement.

Winner of the INSAFE competition

The magazine won this years’ INSAFE competition for new resources from Europes’ Safer Internet Centers. Along with the honor, we received funds that we have used for the English translation of the magazine both in a printed and a digital version.

INSAFE is a European network of Safer Internet Centers working for a safe internet for children and youth. Each center has an awareness center, a hotline, and a helpline. In Denmark, Center for Digital Youth Care is part of a consortium together with Medierådet for Børn og Unge and Save the Children Denmark. Medierådet for børn og unge constitute the awareness center, Redbarnet the hotline, and we are the helpline. 

The INSAFE competition is held at the biannual Training meetings, where 100-150 representatives from the organizations across Europe meet and vote for the winner.

For insights and a better understanding

Social-workers, school-workers, and police-workers have had a demand for insights to engage young men heading for digital, radicalized communities or to understand the bonds that tie vulnerable people to such communities. The magazine was produced with this in mind. It has also received a lot of interest from other Danish helplines working with at-risk or vulnerable young people. 

‘Angry Young Men’ can be read and used free of charge for anyone interested.

Furthermore, Christian Mogensen, who was part of the research for the magazine can be booked for lectures and talks on the subject of anti-women and anti-equality environments online.

You can find the magazine here.

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