Online rådgivning

Opråb fra en familieterapeut: Vi skal turde møde vores børn og unge digitalt – ellers svigter vi dem!

Dette blogindlæg er skrevet af Pernille Vamberg, der er familiterapeut og projektleder og frivillig i CfDP. YouTube, Snapchat og Discord....


Guidance for social counseling via mailboxes

The transition from the physical to a digital counseling can be as challenging as it is rewarding. Though online mailbox...


Guide to using group chat in working with vulnerable youngsters online – for municipalities and organizations

1. The hidden youth When you move from social work in the real world over to social work in the...


10 things to consider before offering counselling online

1. Consider who your target group is. When advising the municipalities regarding online counselling, one of the points we like to...


Guidance on the use of social media in spreading awareness of online counselling among young men

How to advertise efficiently On MitAssist, we have fond experiences, first and foremost, attracting young men based on a community-approach...


#HackingHate – SELMA on hateful content online

What happens when you interact with hateful content? This article presents a short hate speech study done by CfDP in...


Fortnite – benign or malignant?

Fortnite DOES cost money - eventually Fortnite is free – in the beginning. Without a price tag, more children are...


Team from CfDP and the municipality of Aarhus, wins the competition at SELMA's “Hacking Hate ” hackathon

The jury awarded Digital Vikings’ idea based on its creativity, innovativeness, feasibility, and level of maturity. The fair game platform...


A municipal perspective on online counselling

In this video a municipal employee from Helsingør Municipality talks about the benefits of online counselling.