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Summary Project report 2012-2014

Child and youth culture is influenced by the development of technologies. Digital platforms have emerged, and today children and young people’s media culture is about more than just entertainment. Childhood and youth life is all about friendships, conflicts, dreams for the future, love and bullying and is experienced not only in the real physical world, but also through social media and online games.

In 2014, children and young people are participants rather than observers in a media culture where children as young as 3-year-olds have their online debut. This poses new challenges for day-care centres, schools, parents and children. Children and young people’s digital wellbeing is a common concern for society. It is not only the responsibility of parents, school, youth club, nor the children. Safer Internet Centre Denmark is an EU-funded partnership that supports children and young people’s digital competences and wellbeing.

Safer Internet Centre Denmark

Safer Internet Centre Denmark consists of three well established and experienced organizations. The Media Council for Children and Young People is appointed the Awareness Centre with the main task to inform and educate about safe and positive use of online technologies. Save the Children Denmark upholds the task as a hotline where anyone can report online child pornography. Centre for Digital Youth Care (Cyberhus) runs a helpline that offers online counselling to all children and young people in Denmark.

As a knowledge hub and mediator of the newest developments within the area of children and young people’s use of online technologies, Safer Internet Centre Denmark has established a broad collaboration with representatives from academic institutions, industry, governmental bodies and law enforcement. The collaboration with national stakeholders is an important resource and knowledge base for Safer Internet Centre Denmark, just as the centre plays an important role in the organizational and political landscape of children and young people’s use of online technologies in Denmark.

Digital media at home

Danish children are getting younger and younger when they have their debut on the Internet and mediate between digital technologies. Very quickly, the children know how they can make use of digital opportunities, and they move curiously and easily between multiple online platforms and social contexts on their computer, tablet and smartphone. Parents can feel left behind by the children’s skillful use of digital media. Therefore, parents may be uncertain about how to support children’s development of digital competences and how to contribute to safe online activities for their children.

In order to meet the growing demand among parents for guidance about their children’s first mobile phone, the Media Council for Children and Youth, in cooperation with the Telecom Industry Association and the telecommunication companies 3, TDC, Telenor and Telia, created a mobile guide for parents of 9-12 year-olds. The guide provides general information about children’s use and usage of mobile phones and smartphones as well as information on children’s online activities.


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