After several years of teaching web and mobile culture to pupils, there is a certain frustration in Cyberhus. Are we spot on with our educational materials? As adults, do we even understand what goes on inside the young people’s heads, when they make use of social networks?

As part of the educational project, `DuBestemmerSelv’ (You Decide), the Danish Ministry of Education has been so thoughtful as to give Cyberhus – CfDP – Centre for Digital Youth Care funding to expand `DuBestemmerSelv’ with a Facebook platform for the young people as well as mapping materials that can be used by anyone wanting to learn more about young people’s movements on social networks – and especially on Facebook-

It has resulted in a very visual and well-planned magazine with various approaches: Who are the young people online? What cases can you relate your work to? And how do you go about using Facebook, when working with the young target group?

The material is a massive effort of concrete considerations. It is intended for anyone wanting to learn more about the young Facebook users, and also to anyone considering launching communication for young people on social networks.

The inspiration for the magazine comes from a mapping of young people’s online habits, which the digital consultancy Seismonaut has carried out for Cyberhus – CfDP – Centre for Digital Youth Care. This knowledge we wanted to combine with our experiences from the work of creating a good and proper dialogue, participation, and involvement with young people on social media, and it became a magazine.

You can see the Danish magazine here.


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