Signe Sandfeld Hansen, M.Sc. in Psychology and counsellor, CfDP Over the past months, almost 1500 young people have visited Cyberhus Courses, and although only 103 people have set up a user profile, it could indicate that young people do wish to articulate their qualifications – and, at the same time, receive a certificate documenting their skills.

Are you a Super-helper or Problem-solver?

At present, it is possible to take two different e-courses on Cyberhus Courses. The first one is called Superhjælper (Super Helper), and will take approximately 20 minutes to complete. This course will give insight into different types of help/assistance as well as being a provider of information on the features of our online youth counselling, The other one is called Problemknuser (Problem Solver) and will take approximately 60 minutes to complete. This course will give insight into various tools for problem- and conflict management, both on- and offline. Learn more about Skills Connect: Learn more about our e-couses: The course of Problem solving is also provided as part of a qualifying half-day course where young people will have the opportunity to use their tools doing physical tasks. The course has been tested by 8 volunteers from Unge4Unge (Youth4Youth), who works to counsel, support, and foster integration among young people of other ethcnic backgrounds in the area of the Danish city, Aarhus. Cyberhus Courses The half-day course consisted of the 3 modules of the Problem solving course. Inbetween each module the acquired learning from the digital part of each module was “concretised”, and the young people had the opportunity to test their newly acquired skills within a safe setting. Finally, they digitally completed a short test after which they received their well-deserved diplomas. If you would like to know more about Cyberhus Courses, please contact Signe Sandfeld Hansen @]]>

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