This April, the Finnish online magazine Koordinaatti features an article about the digital counselling in Cyberhus. The magazine is directed at Finnish professionals working with counselling of marginalised children and young people. Under the heading NÄKÖKULMIA (point of view) they wanted to tell about our experiences with online counselling.

The article is part of several exciting initiatives in Finland stemming from the network project `The European Digital Youth Information Project´, which ran from spring 2010 to February 2011. Together with partners from Spain, Finland, Belgium, United Kingdom, and Ireland we were granted money from the EU in order to exchange experiences across national borders and cultural differences about the use of digital media for children and young people. The project was to identify and share best practises, and knowledge on a regional, national, and European level. Information from 3,000 children and young people from all the countries has been collected and is processed in England in these weeks.

The Finnish `National Coordination and Development Centre of Youth Information and Counselling Services´ was the Finnish partner in the project, and subsequently we have continued the collaboration, latest with the article in Koordinaatti. In May, the NORDIC NETWORKING seminar NORDBUK takes place in Helsinki, where we among other things have been invited to participate with presentations on the subject `Equality and Diversity in the Youth Area´.

The article in the online Finnish magazine Koordinaatti.

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Centre for Digital Youth Care’s digital counseling in Cyberhus deals with internet-related issues, as a part of the EU Insafe program, and has served as the Danish helpline in close collaboration with Save the Children, Denmark and the Council for Children and Young People since 2009.


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