Signe Sandfeld Hansen, M.Sc. in Psychology and counsellor, CfDP

Sanne is 21 years old. She found it quite difficult to keep up at school, so she dropped out. Sanne suffers from a depression but is in recovery. When she goes through hard days, she lacks patience, and even small problems may seem unmanageable. Sanne notices a Facebook ad for Cyberhus Courses, and she is curious. Previously, she has paid visits to’s chat services. Sanne navigates to Cyberhus Courses and creates a user profile. She starts out with the course “Super Helper”, because the amount of 20 minutes it takes to complete this course seems manageable to her. She learns that there are numerous different types of help/assistance, and when she gives it some thought, she does realise that she, in fact, contributes to making a difference for other young people. A couple of days later, she embarks on the first module of the course “Problem Solver.” This course teaches her about her own personality, and also, that her own experiences have value. One week later, she completes the last module of the Problem solving course, and she learns about different tools which she is able to utilise in her work – especially in situations where she starts losing her patience.

Perspectives on skills

Sanne is an example of one our many vulnerable young people who we meet on a daily basis in our youth counselling, It may be young people who do not thrive in school, someone who has a hard time academically, or someone who does not have anyone with whom they can talk. They may also be really good at giving others a helping hand, or planning an activity, however, failing to see this as a strength. With Cyberhus Courses, we try to give (vulnerable) youth an opportunity to receive a certificate documenting skills which they already utilise in their daily lives.

Users have, among others, replied the following in our evaluation:

Question on Problem Solver: Do you feel better equipped to solve problems?
“Yes, I do. Especially because you get an insight into the fact that different types of personalities react differently. And given that I also am a certain type – receiving an explanation why, sometimes, I act as I do, and what could be a more appropriate way to act.”
Question on Super Helper: Do you feel that you have a better understanding of how someone may help others?
“Yes. The thing about getting an understanding that you can help others online, on Cyberhus. That commenting and liking something may help others, and the fact that sharing something from your own life may also be of help to others.
Question on Diploma: Will you use your diploma in your job application?
“Yes. Then I’m able to show that I have a handle on this. Both in relation to helping others, but also, now I have some tools for solving problems.”
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