It is a great honour for us to bid you welcome to CfDP – Centre for Digital Youth Care.

The concept is the result of six years of experience with children, young people, media, and online counselling on In the last six years, we have here met, involved, and counselled thousands of children and young people online. Moreover, over the last four years we have been putting web and mobile ethics up for discussion in Danish schools via the Cyberskole.

It is initiatives such as these that have contributed to the development of our unique and extensive knowledge within the field of digital youth care – a knowledge we now communicate through CfDP – Centre for Digital Youth Care to professionals and organisations that want to meet children and young people online at eye level.

CfDP – Centre for Digital Youth Care is established as a socioeconomic company that will communicate knowledge about digital youth care and offer digital collaborative projects on market conditions. In addition, CfDP will continue running and developing the popular projects, Cyberhus and Cyberskole, for children and young people. Involving children and young people is still the essence of our work, and here we ensure that the knowledge and products, which CfDP offers, is aimed at those children and young people that will use them.

CfDP – Centre for Digital Youth Care’s employees all have many years of experience with children, young people, and digital media. They all have varied interests within the field – and the scene is set for interesting blogposts, debates, projects, and presentations on this website and in Denmark.

So once again – WELCOME to CfDP – Centre for Digital Youth Care – we look forward to collaborating and sharing our knowledge with you and your organisation, institution or company.


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