More about Centre for Digital Youth Care

A partner with a strong value orientation

Our socio-economic and non-commercial/non-profit organization guarantees you a partner with a strong value orientation and a high ethical awareness. We strive to develop our values in interaction with the users who will benefit of our efforts, and we reinvest any profits in new projects for vulnerable citizens. CfDP helps professionals and organizations to incorporate digital aspects of their work and communication with / for vulnerable children and young people.

Digital pedagogy

At Centre for Digital Youth Care we are concerned with online trends, innovative use of media and digital education, communication, and counselling in the children and youth field. We focus on digital prosperity, prevention, education, and identities – overall under the name of Digital Youth Care.

Our knowledge is based on practice

CfDP’s digital youth counselling since 2004, Cyberhus, is one of the cornerstones of CfDP and contributes to the knowledge of the centre by its valuable experiences about digital youth care in practice. Counselling chats and our other activities, where we are in direct contact with children, young people, parents, and professionals gives us a unique and extensive knowledge in the field of digital youth care.

Communication of Cfdp

CfDP also offers for example presentations, workshops and collaborative projects with schools, municipalities, private companies and other stakeholders. We are working on development of web concepts, in which user involvement is essential. This helps to ensure that the final solution is consistent with a given target group’s actual needs. This is especially important when dealing with vulnerable social groups.

Cyberhus Evaluation Summary
Our activites as Cyberhus from 2008 through 2010 have been independently evaluated – read an English summary here.

CfDPs Nyhedsbrev

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