One of the projects in which we put a lot of our energy, at present, is the developing of the website and online network: European Digital Youth Care Network. This is something that we do for and in collaboration with the Belgian helpline, Childfocus. The site works as a network for social organisations that are occupied with counselling young people on important issues of their lives.

Until now a couple of forums have been created where the members are able to discuss, share and learn from information, experiences and issues. Apart from Centre for Digital Youth Care the network also counts members from seven other European countries, and other interested organisations are welcome to join and start sharing experiences to make the counselling at all the practising organisations as advantageous as possible for the children and youth.

A conference is to be held on the 26th of February this year in Brussels and it will function as the official starting signal of this new collaboration. The subject is “Online help for young people” and Erroll Marshall from Centre for Digital Youth Care will participate in the event, where he is going to talk about the European Digital Youth Care Network.

The network and website is meant to be an informal place where practitioners can gain from sharing knowledge and experience on youth counselling with each other, and we are proud to play a central role in the developing of the project. We look very much forward to attending the conference in Brussels and in the future being able to help fellow organisations improve their counselling and inspire new social organisations to step into the world of online youth counselling.


Written by Merete Pilegaard Rasmussen, voluntary communication employee.


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