With the project Mobiler Mod Mobning (Mobiles Against Bullying), Cyberhus – CfDP – Centre for Digital Youth Care and Lommefilm have put digital bullying on the curriculum for secondary school pupils.

The young people have to use their mobile phone in the project; make a storyboard, shoot, edit, and upload small videos against digital bullying and subsequently share, recommend, and discuss the videos on Facebook.

The project is backed by TrygFonden, and to begin with consisted of 15 workshops in the Autumn of 2010 and 15 workshops in the Spring of 2011. In December, TrygFonden gave the project collaborators a nice christmas present. The fact is that TrygFonden supports Cyberhus – CfDP – Centre for Digital Youth Care with DKK 460,000.

The support means that Lommefilm and Cyberhus – CfDP – Centre for Digital Youth Care can offer an additional 15 workshops in the Spring of 2011, so Spring will be crammed with 30 Mobiler Mod Mobning workshops. Moreover, the parties can conduct 30 new workshops in the academic year 2011/2012.


The Great Demand Can Be Met

There has been massive interest from schools to establish frameworks for a workshop. More than 150 schools inquired about getting a visit from the team behind Mobiler Mod Mobning in the current academic year, which offered 30 workshops. Now the parties get to meet an even greater share of the demand.

– It is a nice stamp of approval that has positive, far-reaching consequences for our work. Backing from TrygFonden is an essential part of maintaining and developing our work in a good direction, says Kristian Lund, project manager in Cyberhus – CfDP – Centre for Digital Youth Care.


New Workshops – New Ideas

In addition to doubling the number of workshops in the Spring, the project partners are producing new ideas. Next Spring, the existing opportunities for uploading and sharing movies via the web will be supplemented with post cards with the so-called QR codes, or mobile barcodes, which for example can be read via the mobile phone. In the Spring, Mobiler Mod Mobning will give the pupils post cards with QR codes holding a link to the pupils’ own campaign videos.


Approval of Our Effort

The renewed support from TrygFonden is a good boost and an approval of our project-oriented effort to carry out socioeducational work via new media.

`Mobiler Mod Mobning is a good example in a series of campaigns and projects such as Safer Internet Day and Netsikker Nu Week, where we enter into strong collaborations with other organisations´, says Jonas Ravn, Cybeskole Coordinator. `That we, with Mobiler Mod Mobning, will receive backing for a year and a half is proof that we are good at content-heavy workshops, addressing nationwide issues from a new and positive angle´, he stresses.

You can see one of the many good examples of the Danish pupils’ films about digital bullying here.