Signe Sandfeld Hansen, M.Sc. in Psychology and counsellor, CfDP The certificate is represented by a diploma and a digital badge which young people may use when they are entering the job market. The project has resulted in an expansion of Cyberhus with a new section dedicated to E-courses: Cyberhus Courses.

Reflection on one’s own abilities

During the project’s start-up phase, the project held a collaborative workshop inviting a handful of young people and a number of various relevant people from the job market, including a representative from Job Centre Aarhus, and a young entrepreneur. The workshop set out to explore which skills would be interesting to elaborate on. Young participants, as well as the workshop’s professional representatives, contributed with a lot of interesting reflections on which skills an employer pays attention to and which skills may be difficult to communicate to an employer. Read more about our collaborative workshop. In continuation of our workshop, we decided to proceed with two courses: Super Helper and Problem Solver.

Super Helper and Problem Solver

The two courses are based on the experiences of The Mix, and employs an interactive view on learning. That is, the courses consist partly of text which the participant has to read and small tasks they have to solve. Everything is built on the pedagogical idea that the courses should be equally accessible to young people who are job ready, or school ready, and who experience challenges, either at school or in connection to their job search. In this context, it is possible to have longer text passages read aloud. The Super Helper course is based on a person’s participation on, for instance writing a comment, giving a like, or participating in Cyberhus’ group chat; actions that may prove to be a big help for other young people. We argue that young people’s participation on, in a lot of ways, contains many of the same qualifications present in voluntary work, even though online activity may be less visible. So, the aim of the course is to strengthen young people’s understanding of how they are already making a difference for other young people. The Super Helper course consists of 1 module, and it takes approximately 20 minutes to complete. The Problem Solver course focuses on giving young people a set of tools that may assist them in strengthening their abilities to solve problems. New (perhaps) concepts will be introduced, such as being proactive and reactive, meanwhile focusing on people’s success stories. The Problem Solver course consists of 3 modules, each taking approximately 15-20 minutes to complete. Finally, the participant will have to complete a multiple choice test, answering questions based on different cases which the participant may know from daily life. [video width="876" height="612" mp4=""][/video]  

Relevant for young people in your life?

Taking a course through Cyberhus Courses is free, and it addresses all young people who would like to put their participation on Cyberhus, or their abilities for problem solving, into words. Please find Cyberhus Courses on: (in Danish) If you have any questions or would like to receive a guided tour in Cyberhus Courses, please email project manager Signe Sandfeld Hansen @ See article Are you empathetic? Prove it! to learn more about the first part of the development process of Skills Connect.]]>

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