The 13 of June I join Ch@advice’s advisory board and that makes up both an exciting professional challenge for me and gives us an acknowledgment of our work with digital counselling at Ch@advice is a European project, which focuses on online chat counselling for children and teens that have been subjects to sexual abuse, and is supported by the European commission.

The project is coordinated by the Belgian helpline Child Focus in collaboration with Artevelde University College and Applied Telecommunication (OIAT).

Ch@advice has existed for almost a year and the purpose of the creation of an advisory board is, naturally, to ensure the best possible quality of the chat counselling through critical feedback and knowledge sharing. Time and means are set aside for two meetings this year, one in June and one in December.

Three primary working points are set up:

1. Analysis of already existing digital counselling establishments in Europe.    
2. General feedback on their counselling methods and organisation.
3. Inspiration and suggestions for the composition of manuals and practical guides to their counselling methods.

An interesting compound of professionals

Experts and professionals from all over Europe, with an expertise in digital pedagogy and counselling, make up this advisory board and besides the focus mentioned above the scene will be set for future co-operations and further development.

Therefore, it is extremely motivating to have the opportunity to become a part of the advisory board, as I am sure it will bring along new knowledge and inspiration to our own work and perhaps also to new, interesting projects in EU relations. I believe I will be inspired to write a new and more detailed blog post when the work commence.


Written by Erroll Marshall


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