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Mobiler Mod Mobning Continues

With the project Mobiler Mod Mobning (Mobiles Against Bullying), Cyberhus – CfDP – Centre for Digital Youth Care and Lommefilm have put digital bullying on the curriculum for secondary school pupils. The young people have to use their mobile phone in the project; make a storyboard, shoot, edit, and upload small videos against digital bullying... Læs indlæg

Cyberhus Is Heard In European Mobile Strategy

In 2010, the EU Commission’s Safer Internet Programme has met with a number of players within the IT and telecommunications industry in an attempt to improve the safety of children and young people’s use of mobile phones, including the mobile phone’s role as gateway to the Internet and social media. An extensive process, where CfDP... Læs indlæg

Early Intervention Is Big Budget Investment

In Cyberhus – CfDP – Centre for Digital Youth Care, we are aware that intervening early can save children from a lifetime of deprivation, as well as save society a lot of money. This is now supported by a new Danish report conducted by CASA, Center for Alternativ Samfundsanalyse (Centre for Alternative Social Analysis). The report argues... Læs indlæg

Danish Children’s Web Habits

Danish children are among the most frequent web users in the EU, they begin their online life at an early age, and 74 percent of the 9 to 16-year-olds in Denmark have a profile on a social network. On the other hand, more than every fourth have encountered offensive things on the Internet, almost every third have seen sexual pictures on the web, and... Læs indlæg

Impressive – But So What?

Facebook has recently hit the landmark, 500,000,000 users. There is currently 2 billion internet users worldwide. Every forth is on Facebook. Crazy! Alongside this landmark, cinemas start showing trailers for the movie `The Social Network’. The movie describes how young Mark Zuckerberg establish what today can be called the greatest internet success... Læs indlæg

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