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Early Intervention Is Big Budget Investment

In Cyberhus – CfDP – Centre for Digital Youth Care, we are aware that intervening early can save children from a lifetime of deprivation, as well as save society a lot of money. This is now supported by a new Danish report conducted by CASA, Center for Alternativ Samfundsanalyse (Centre for Alternative Social Analysis). The report argues... Læs indlæg

Danish Children’s Web Habits

Danish children are among the most frequent web users in the EU, they begin their online life at an early age, and 74 percent of the 9 to 16-year-olds in Denmark have a profile on a social network. On the other hand, more than every fourth have encountered offensive things on the Internet, almost every third have seen sexual pictures on the web, and... Læs indlæg

Impressive – But So What?

Facebook has recently hit the landmark, 500,000,000 users. There is currently 2 billion internet users worldwide. Every forth is on Facebook. Crazy! Alongside this landmark, cinemas start showing trailers for the movie `The Social Network’. The movie describes how young Mark Zuckerberg establish what today can be called the greatest internet success... Læs indlæg

A Code of Conduct for Social Network Services in Denmark

An association of various actors in online social network services recently published a common code of conduct about the users’ private information. The National IT and Telecom Agency is behind the initiative. The code of conduct consists of ten general recommendations. Websites such as Arto and GoSupermodel have taken part in the preparation of the... Læs indlæg

Youth Culture on Facebook

After several years of teaching web and mobile culture to pupils, there is a certain frustration in Cyberhus. Are we spot on with our educational materials? As adults, do we even understand what goes on inside the young people’s heads, when they make use of social networks? As part of the educational project, `DuBestemmerSelv’ (You Decide),... Læs indlæg

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