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Since 2004, Centre for Digital Youth Care has worked to create, provide and guarantee professional help through digital media for vulnerable young people. Our focal point is our online youth counseling Cyberhus.dk which implements approx. 8000 consultative interactions with vulnerable young people each year. Read more about Centre for Digital Youth Care.

Cases from cyberhus.dk

Take a look at our samples of consultative interactions with young people, and users, of Cyberhus.

Enable – European network against bullying

Centre for Digital Youth Care is participating in a European Daphne project against bullying that seeks to support and foster young people’s well-being on-and offline. Read more about Enable.


Screenagers is a research project examining the use of ICT in the field of pedagogy. How are we best able to take advantage of ICT’s potential in a pedagogical framework? Read more about Screenagers.

Skills Connect

With Skills Connect, we consider how young people develop work related skills through volunteering, and assess how we can support young people to effectively develop skills that directly can contribute to their opportunities of employment. Read more about Skills Connect.

Danish helpline

Centre for Digital Youth Care’s digital counselling in Cyberhus deals with internet-related issues, as a part of the EU Insafe program, and has served as the Danish helpline in close collaboration with Save the Children Denmark, and the Council for Children and Young People since 2009. Read more about Insafe and Safer Internet Programme.

Read more about the work of the Danish helpline:

Cyberhus – online counselling
CfDP’s project, Cyberhus, is an online socio-educational clubhouse for young people which offers various activities and features, for example counselling via problem pages and chatrooms. Read the full article.

Safer Internet Centre Denmark
CfDP, and two other organisations, part of Safer Internet Centre Denmark​, work to support children and young people’s digital well-being and safety.
Read the full article.

10 years have passed

10 years ago, I stepped through the door to our youth counselling, Cyberhus, for the first time. I was fortunate enough to be offered an internship which basically would be about communicating safe internet behaviour to school children. Cool, was my reaction! And it still is. Læs indlæg

The non-cadastral club is digital

The municipality of Skanderborg has started an anonymous chat counselling as part of their project “The Non-cadastral Club” (DMK). Their chat counselling is developed in collaboration with Centre for Digital Youth Care (CfDP) who makes their counselling platform, Cyberhus available for the project. The chat counselling is expected to reach a large... Læs indlæg

The future of digital badging

Centre for Digital Youth Care is now finishing a project in which young people aged 16-25 years were offered digital badging courses aiming to strengthen their venture into the job market. This was a 2-year project - and collaboration - with The Mix. Læs indlæg

Social reality – creating digital tools and games for young people with cognitive disabilities

The Danish Safer Internet Centre (SIC) (Save the Children DK, Centre for Digital Youth Care, and The Media Council for Children & Young People) is currently running a project titled “Social reality”. It concerns children and youth (aged 11-15) with cognitive disabilities and is carried out in collaboration with the National ADHD-Association, the... Læs indlæg

Experienced counsellors on new digital ground

How do you read someone’s emotions without being able to see, nor hear, the person you interact with, and how do you counsel someone digitally? What should you be particularly attentive to when chatting with an anonymous vulnerable young person, and which challenges and, especially, pitfalls exist? Centre for Digital Youth Care was able to give response... Læs indlæg

Chat in the municipality of Copenhagen – looking back on 2016

Previously, we have blogged about the success of the municipality of Copenhagen’s digital youth counselling in collaboration with Cyberhus.dk. Then, they were quite satisfied with their results during their trial period. They were off to a good start and had established contact with some of the young people who do not show up in Copenhagen’s physical... Læs indlæg

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