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Cyberhus 2016 – news and trends

2016 has been an eventful year for Cyberhus. In july, Centre for Digital Youth Care (CfDP) introduced a new mobile- and tablet friendly design to Cyberhus.dk which has resulted in more visitors. We are also excited that four municipalities have joined our chat counselling, and this number, at the minimum, is expected to join us during 2017, too. However,... Læs indlæg

A group for gamers

Last fall of 2015, we were contacted by two employees from Aarhus Youth Centre of the municipality of Aarhus, regarding a presentation on gaming and gaming-culture. They had a group of boys who played computer to the extent that their school-, family- and social lives suffered tremendously. Shortly hereafter, Thoke Thomsen with Aarhus Youth Centre,... Læs indlæg

Gaming is not (just) for fun!

We find ourselves in a time of upheaval in which the gaming industry is growing at an exceptional speed and almost all young people are gaming - and yet, the “nerd” label from peers, and worrying looks of parents and professionals, are as heavy as 10 years ago - or 20, for that matter. But the so-called nerds use their spare time in a highly developing... Læs indlæg

Digital presence

Bliing. The sound indicating that a young person has entered our chatroom. A sound which means that all attention is directed at my computer and the person behind the screen somewhere in Denmark. I see that it is a 16-year-old girl, and I begin by writing “Hi. How are you right now?” A conversation has begun. A conversation in which presence is... Læs indlæg

Innovative collaboration creates strong youth counselling

Initiating a collaboration with Danish municipalities at Centre for Digital Youth Care concerning municipal chats on Cyberhus.dk, we co-create an entirely new way of thinking about youth counselling. We combine our collective experiences and skills, resulting in an even stronger online youth counselling in Denmark. Læs indlæg

MitAssist (MyAssist): When a counselling service for boys is working

In November, the team behind MitAssist, that is, Centre for Digital Youth Care and TUBA, carried out a project day concerning online boy's counselling. This past year, we have had a lot of interesting experiences in this area through MitAssist.dk, which we shared on our project day. Læs indlæg

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