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The municipality of Roskilde: Joint mission across departments

In June, the municipality of Roskilde is online with an anonymous chat counselling for vulnerable young people. Roskilde has partnered with Centre for Digital Youth Care (CfDP) who will be responsible for the development and operation of their new chat counselling. The chat will largely support the cross-disciplinary collaboration that aims to help... Læs indlæg

Project BRUS: Difficult to sit on your hands!

Project BRUS is a treatment option available for children and adolescens from families suffering from substance related problems. From the very beginning BRUS has chosen to complement their physical practice with a digital strategy in collaboration with Centre for Digital Youth Care (CfDP). The primary digital function entails communicating with adolescens... Læs indlæg

Actively battling fake news

Fake news and disinformation are prevalent in the media and in the public debate, at home as well as abroad. So, the European network, Insafe, has chosen to put a spotlight on this topic during their next training session taking place in Zagreb, Croatia 17-18 May. Pedagogical consultant, Niels-Christian Bilenberg from Centre for Digital Youth Care (CfDP),... Læs indlæg

10 years have passed

10 years ago, I stepped through the door to our youth counselling, Cyberhus, for the first time. I was fortunate enough to be offered an internship which basically would be about communicating safe internet behaviour to school children. Cool, was my reaction! And it still is. Læs indlæg

The non-cadastral club is digital

The municipality of Skanderborg has started an anonymous chat counselling as part of their project “The Non-cadastral Club” (DMK). Their chat counselling is developed in collaboration with Centre for Digital Youth Care (CfDP) who makes their counselling platform, Cyberhus available for the project. The chat counselling is expected to reach a large... Læs indlæg

The future of digital badging

Centre for Digital Youth Care is now finishing a project in which young people aged 16-25 years were offered digital badging courses aiming to strengthen their venture into the job market. This was a 2-year project - and collaboration - with The Mix. Læs indlæg

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