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Digital youth work – a Finnish perspective

For several years we have worked with the Finnish organization Verke. Verke has a great focus on how we can motivate professionals to work more with digital and social media. We here share Verkes' most recent publication, published in English Læs indlæg

More than 1,000 Danish young people are indicted for sharing child pornography

In a coordinated effort between Facebook, the American authorities, and the Danish police forces, the Danish police is now indicting 1,004 Danish young people for sharing a sexual video. Previously, the people involved with the case have received monetary penalties. What is new with this case, however, is that the police in collaboration with Facebook... Læs indlæg

Accreditation: from a healthy skepticism to a positive experience

Quality assurance of social counseling organizations make professionals and social enthusiasts wonder. How can organizations be accredited without turning the workflows upside down? RådgivningsDanmark takes that into account in their certification process, which makes room for differences between the social counseling organizations. They offer an assessment... Læs indlæg

CfDP receives grant of 2 million DKK

The summer is finally here and this year our team can enjoy it with an extra wide smile on our faces. The Center for Digital Youth Care has received a grant from The National Board of Social Services of 2 million DKK for a new preventive counseling project for vulnerable adolescents. The aim of the initiative is to give the mentally vulnerable adolescents... Læs indlæg

New book about young people’s digital education

Centre for Digital Youth Care (CfDP) has contributed a section for a new anthology on young people’s digital education, published by The Media Council and publisher Straarup & Co. The book describes various areas of digital education, such as well-being and behaviour, skills, citizenship, and democracy. Furthermore, different challenges facing young... Læs indlæg

Netstof launches new effort for upper secondary education

During 2017, Netstof (Danish website operated by CfDP and Slagelse Drug Centre, providing information and counselling for young people dealing with drug-related issues, ed.) will implement new teaching resources directed at upper secondary education. So, it’s possible to reach even more professionals and guide them how to utilise Netstof effectively... Læs indlæg

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