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New book about young people’s digital education

Centre for Digital Youth Care (CfDP) has contributed a section for a new anthology on young people’s digital education, published by The Media Council and publisher Straarup & Co. The book describes various areas of digital education, such as well-being and behaviour, skills, citizenship, and democracy. Furthermore, different challenges facing young... Læs indlæg

Netstof launches new effort for upper secondary education

During 2017, Netstof (Danish website operated by CfDP and Slagelse Drug Centre, providing information and counselling for young people dealing with drug-related issues, ed.) will implement new teaching resources directed at upper secondary education. So, it’s possible to reach even more professionals and guide them how to utilise Netstof effectively... Læs indlæg

Suicide works!

The latest Netflix success, “13 Reasons Why,” is about a young girl who commits suicide, and through old-fashioned cassette tapes, the circumstances of her suicide is unfolding before a number of people. That is, before a number of the culprits - the deceased Hannah already states in the introduction that she committed suicide because of the others,... Læs indlæg

The municipality of Roskilde: Joint mission across departments

In June, the municipality of Roskilde is online with an anonymous chat counselling for vulnerable young people. Roskilde has partnered with Centre for Digital Youth Care (CfDP) who will be responsible for the development and operation of their new chat counselling. The chat will largely support the cross-disciplinary collaboration that aims to help... Læs indlæg

Project BRUS: It’s difficult to sit on my hands!

Project BRUS is an available treatment option for children and young people coming from families suffering from substance related problems, and from the start, they have chosen to complement their physical practice with a digital strategy in collaboration with Centre for Digital Youth Care (CfDP). The primary digital function entails communicating with... Læs indlæg

Actively battling fake news

Fake news and disinformation are prevalent in the media and in the public debate, at home as well as abroad. So, the European network, Insafe, has chosen to put a spotlight on this topic during their next training session taking place in Zagreb, Croatia 17-18 May. Pedagogical consultant, Niels-Christian Bilenberg from Centre for Digital Youth Care (CfDP),... Læs indlæg

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