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Generation Online Still Lacks Guides

The questions are many and varied, when the internet and mobile phone mixes in everyday life with children and young people. Not least for those professionals who daily deal with children and young people. Therefore Safer Internet Day, and the multitude of nationwide activities that usually follows, was this year supplemented by the conference `Generation... Læs indlæg

Cyberhus Receives Backing Worth Millions

Cyberhus has, after a year of intensive search for political and financial backing, just been granted a lifeline of DKK 2 millions. About a year ago, the rug was almost pulled out from under Cyberhus when our application for government funds from the Ministry of Social Affairs was rejected. The application, which was on approx. DKK 2 millions a year,... Læs indlæg

The Safe Environment of the Q&As…

2011 has kicked off and cyberhus.dk’s Q&As continue the explosive growth. January saw 164 answers from our volunteer counsellors, which is the highest number ever for one month. The trend from the last couple of years continues. In both 2009 and 2010, we saw the number of questions from children and young people rising by just over 100 percent.... Læs indlæg

From Cyberhus to CfDP

It is a great honour for us to bid you welcome to CfDP – Centre for Digital Youth Care. The concept is the result of six years of experience with children, young people, media, and online counselling on cyberhus.dk. In the last six years, we have here met, involved, and counselled thousands of children and young people online. Moreover, over the... Læs indlæg

Super Busy Counselling Year for Cyberhus

CfDP – Centre for Digital Youth Care builds on the countless experiences from Cyberhus, which has been online counselling centre and meeting place for children and young people for six years. Cyberhus has build a unique knowledge about how you via websites and social media meets and talks to children and young people about life’s ups and downs,... Læs indlæg

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