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Cyberhus in Your Pocket

Young people no longer need to sit in their room, the library, in the club, or where they usually get in online contact with the various counselling services on cyberhus.dk. Over the summer cyberhus.dk has been updated with a mobile platform that makes the site easily accessible from a smartphone. Sales of smartphones have exploded this past year, and... Læs indlæg

A Blind Eye to Child Pornography?

Denmark has a child pornography filter. And it is such a resounding success that there are plans to spread it throughout EU, and to other areas such as illegal gambling and terror recruiting. But is censorship really the way to secure the best interests of the children, and the web as a positive resource? The so-called success is easy to measure and... Læs indlæg

Facebook for Children?

In the past couple of months, Facebook has made an issue of how many profiles for children under 13 they have shut down, quoting numbers like 20,000 a day. So it came as something of a surprise, when the CEO himself, Mark Zuckerberg, talked openly about plans to make Facebook available for younger children. The remarks did turn out to be somewhat oversold... Læs indlæg

NÄKÖKULMIA – Finnish Point of View on Cyberhus

This April, the Finnish online magazine Koordinaatti features an article about the digital counselling in Cyberhus. The magazine is directed at Finnish professionals working with counselling of marginalised children and young people. Under the heading NÄKÖKULMIA (point of view) they wanted to tell about our experiences with online counselling. The... Læs indlæg

Shallow Waters in the Skulls?

The philosopher Nicholas Carr has arrived in Denmark. Or rather, his views are being heard – latest in a broadcast on a Danish radio channel. His book `The Shallows – What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brains’ was published in June and has been the topic of discussion ever since, including in USA, where Carr is living. The views resonates... Læs indlæg

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