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2015: Cyberhus’ chat counselling last year!

2015 has been an active year for Centre for Digital Youth Care’s online counselling, Cyberhus.dk. Following a slight decline during the past couple of years, 2015 again saw a rise in the number of total “inquiries.” Læs indlæg

When it hurts

During the month of January 2016, Cyberhus.dk focused on bullying. Unfortunately, a lot of children and young people in Denmark experience bullying, and bullying may cause people to suffer several damaging consequences, be it emotionally, mentally, and/or otherwise health-related. Read more about how... Læs indlæg

Meeting young people at digital eye level on bullying

January 2016, Centre for Digital Youth Care held a digital campaign which focused on bullying among children and young people. The project is part of a larger European Daphne effort that specifically works towards creating an anti-bullying... Læs indlæg

Successful digital campaign on alcohol

During November 2015, Centre for Digital Youth Care and The Social Work of KFUM (YMCA) held a digital campaign focusing on young people’s use of alcohol. The project is part of a larger preventative effort and emphasises the presence of positive as well as negative aspects on the use of alcohol. Læs indlæg

The municipality of Copenhagen is successful with their digital counselling for young people

The municipality of Copenhagen is now a pioneer municipality with their new permanent digital youth counselling. Good results following a trial period of online counselling on Cyberhus.dk allows for continued practice. Digital counselling offers availability and anonymity, and for that reason, especially, it becomes possible to reach youth which would... Læs indlæg

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