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Digital Education becomes focus towards 2020

KL (a professional organisation that aims to strengthen and and develop the local government in Denmark), the regions of Denmark, and the Danish government have recently launched a joint digitisation strategy running until 2020. This strategy entails a number of proposals that will help think through, and modernise, digital processes in society. From... Læs indlæg

Digital counselling for teenageboys is blooming!

The collaboration between TUBA (Therapy and counselling for Youth of Alcohol abusers) and Centre for Digital Youth Care has resulted in a brand new counselling platform, which operates as a community. There are no anonymous counsellors, instead there are coaches, each with their own unique story. This has prompted Danish teenage boys to get involved,... Læs indlæg

The use of IT and digital media in the field of pedagogy

Centre for Digital Youth Care has participated in a larger international project (Screenagers), where we have researched the use of IT and digital media in the field of pedagogy and social work. Our aim was to learn more about how these media can be used in a pedagogical practice,... Læs indlæg

2015: Cyberhus’ chat counselling last year!

2015 has been an active year for Centre for Digital Youth Care’s online counselling, Cyberhus.dk. Following a slight decline during the past couple of years, 2015 again saw a rise in the number of total “inquiries.” Læs indlæg

When it hurts

During the month of January 2016, Cyberhus.dk focused on bullying. Unfortunately, a lot of children and young people in Denmark experience bullying, and bullying may cause people to suffer several damaging consequences, be it emotionally, mentally, and/or otherwise health-related. Read more about how... Læs indlæg

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